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"Tri Balance" is presenting, one of the most powerful distance healers in the world.

This web page is dedicated to all of you who are suffering from any kind of health or mental disorders as well as these of you who are looking for help for your children, relatives, friends and even pets.

Throughout my life I helped hundreds of people to get their life back on the track. I'm a healer and I have been practicing what is known as distance or extrasensory healing. The healing is done without the patient's cooperation and if needed even without the patient's knowledge. For example, parents can ask me to heal their children; even friends can apply on the behalf of the sufferer they know.

Those of you who are new to my healing system should find out more about my four-month non-obligatory period.  This period is meant to give you time to decide about healing. I believe it is one of the best of the genuine offers out there so do not leave without reading more about it. Here, I will just mention that I basically work with the patient for four months (yes, full four months!) and only then -- having seen the results for yourself or saved up money for rest of the year - only then you decide about this healing. Sounds fair? Please read more about it on my web pages. For complete list of prices, please open tab ”offer” on left side of your screen.

Kind Regards,
Ivan Gellner.

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