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Please read the following cost and conditions. You will have to agree to all of these conditions if you wish to proceed with the healing:


Health problemOne month [USD] (not a payment)One year [USD]Comment
1st year Health/Mental Disorder

$ 58.00

GBP 29.00

EURO 45.00

AUD 72.00

(Amount depends on current exchange market values) 

$ 696.00

GBP 348.0

EUR 540.0

AUD 864.0 

4 months period + 8 months of the healing.
2nd year Health/Mental Disorder$ 41.00$ 492.00Recommended. If you are not satisfied with healing after 2 years, I offer 80% of total money back.
Following years of healing-$ 300.00"Maintenance healing" (Optional)
Pets/Animalssame as humansame as human 

The minimal period of the healing is one year. I offer 4 months period for client to start healing but being able to save up money and pay after this 4 months. If you are not satisfied with results after 2 years of healing, I am ready to refund you 80% of total amount paid.
  •  If (during the first 4 months) for any reason you do not want to continue with the healing, you can drop out from the healing process and you will not have to pay anything at all.
    After or within the initial 4 months: if you want to continue with the healing, you agree to pay for the initial 4 months period plus any consequent period of the healing you would like to undergo. The 1st year healing fee includes: 4 months  + following months of the healing - 696$. The payment for any extended period of treatment is to be completed before the end of the previous period.
  • Each client of mine is different and each of you might need different time to see first positive results from my healing method. Based on the first positive results within this 4 months period you can choose the price for the first year of the healing. Sooner you will decide for the payment, lower the fee is going to be. The upper stated price is for the first healing year paid at the end of the 4 months period. The lower healing fee options will be sent to you in starting letter.
  • Prepaid option is 596 USD only and will cover the whole healing cycle (12 months).
  • The 1st year healing fee includes: 4 months  + following months of the healing year. Second year is for 492 USD only and is highly recommended.
  • There is no physical contact with the patient's body. I practice so called "distance healing".
  • You are virtually visiting my office via internet to receive the healing.
  • You should have read all my explanations provided on this site. I do not insist that the approximations I use are true, but I have not as of yet thought of anything better.
  • After the first 2 months you agree to get back to me once a month with the update on your condition; even if you are not aware of any improvements yet. Without your regular monthly updates I will not know what to focus on. In case you do not provide me with the monthly feedback I assume you are not interested in my healing and I will stop the treatment.
  • Please do not stop taking any medication or treatment as prescribed by your doctor. Your physician is fully in charge of your medication and only him/her can make the changes with it.


Ivan Gellner's extrasensory healing is based on divine principles and will never cause any harm to anyone who is going to try it. This healing method can only heal or help. We (Ivan and his support team) understand and fully appreciate the healing effectiveness, potential, and healing results of the extrasensory healing method as testified to us by countless individuals who were able to experience it. Nevertheless, due to regulations, restrictions and political pressures from the "modern" medicine providers, all natural remedy providers and healers are forced to post the following government disclosure statement: All information on this web site should be considered for educational purposes only. Consult your health care practitioner for all medication advices and treatments. This system is not intended to diagnose, or prevent from any disease. We do not make any recommendation and changes in your medication or any treatment.