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In order to maintain a high level of my productivity I have made the following arrangements when it comes to answering questions from my patients:

All the questions related to administration and technicalities (e.g. any arrangements you would like to make) are answered by my assistants, directly. My assistants translate my incoming and outgoing mail and handle all the payment matters. I am not a native English speaker therefore all the communication will be done via E-mail only. Please address all your E-mails to my name, Ivan Gellner.

All the questions on healing methods, pros and cons of my approach, etc., I answer myself. As already mentioned, my assistants only translate my answers.

NEW: You can now also call my assistant and english translator, directly.

  • USA 

We prefer contact by e-mail. You will always get an answer from us within next 2-3 days.

For further information please contact:

General EnquiriesHealing Enrolments
Ivan Gellner, Spiritual Healer

Please use the Enrollment Form and provide all the required information.

For any mail enquiry or to send the payments by Check or Money order, please ask for the address where to mail it to. We are located at Florida USA. It doesn't matter to me what country you are from.