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On this page I talk about the types of epilepsy my patients commonly suffer from and about my ability to heal a particular type of epilepsy. My knowledge about epilepsy is based on oriental healing approaches studies and my own experience with several hundred of clients of mine.

Forms of Epilepsy

Here are the descriptions of the 8 most common types of epilepsy which I receive the most requests and enrollments about. The 8 types are: simple epilepsy, a.m. and early morning epilepsy, seizures and other epilepsy symptoms connected to mental activity, epilepsy with damaged brain tissue, epilepsy caused by brain injury or brain surgery, epilepsy connected with mental disorders and day and night epilepsy, infantile spasm.
The description below is all based on my own studies and statistics and knowledge from several hundred epilepsy clients who went through my healing program and were healed or helped.
It is very common, that the symptoms of your epilepsy will be described in 2 or 3 sections together. This is not a mistake or inaccurate description of your epilepsy but it is a proof that epilepsy has many different forms and it is sometimes impossible to specify it exactly. I've tried to describe each one of them as best as I could and always added my opinion to them and how much I can help. I'm usually able to help in cases where the seizures are partially, fully or not at all controlled by medication. In general and based on my statistics my healing method is usually able to help with seizures, eliminating and healing 90% of children and 70-80% of all my adult clients.
The way how I describe the types of epilepsy and its causes is completely different from medical point of view. Please note, I do not present any medical information here, neither any medical treatment. I'm not a doctor, but a holistic healer.
"Simple" epilepsy also called "zoned out, black outs", absence seizures or petit mal seizures where the patient doesn't know what is going on for a few seconds or minutes. This case of epilepsy is healable in almost all cases by my healing method.

1. A.M. and early morning epilepsy, seizures, myoclonic jerks and other symptoms of epilepsy from 3.00 a.m. till 9.00 a.m.. This type of epilepsy is one of the most common among all of my clients. Seizures are coming during the sleep or early in the morning after waking from sleep. I would say that this type of epilepsy I'm most successful with and I'm usually able to help in most cases. This is a very visible sign that your pancreas and its connection to your lungs is the reason for your type of epilepsy (explanation is below this text).

2.Seizures and other epilepsy symptoms connected with some mental activity (going to school, stress, school studies, meeting another person, flashing lights or strobe lights, lack of sleep etc.) This type of epilepsy is healable by my method but in some cases cannot be healed in full unless the client will change the environment. For example parents can notice that children don't have any seizures while they are out of school(especially during Summer holidays). The seizures are usually coming in the morning hours in most cases).

3. Epilepsy from damaged brain tissue when the damage is not caused by surgery or brain injury. This is one of the most common cases of epilepsy that I have been healing. The defects (scarring, growths, electric activity) on the brain are detected by EEG, CT or MRI. Some children are born with these defects. In other cases the findings show up after some time. In this case I'm usually able to get my clients seizure free and if they stay under my healing influence for 2-3 years then there is a very good chance that the medical findings will diminish or be reduced. It all depends how serious the damage is, how long it has been there and what is the reason for it.

4. Epilepsy caused by brain injury or by brain surgery (also caused by stroke, birth trauma (lack of oxygen), fetal development, by infections, or by brain tumor) In this case the brain injury occurred because of car accidents or getting hit in the head or any other activities when the brain was physically stressed and the epilepsy occurred after that. These are very common epilepsy cases as well, and my healing system has some limits with healing these particular cases of epilepsy. Hopefully everybody will understand that I cannot do anything with damaged, dead, or missing tissues. My healing influence can regenerate the tissues which are healable but I cannot do anything for the tissues which are destroyed or missing. I'm capable to reduce the number of seizures and also stop the seizures completely in many cases. But the client has to be connected into my system for as long as possible in most cases for ever, because conditions made by me are not permanent and as soon as I will stop the healing influence, the seizures might come back. I wish I could do more, but based on my experience, any positive conditions and results achieved by me in these cases, are very appreciated by all my clients and most of them do well and better, when they are connected into my healing system for a longer period of time. I should be able to eliminate or reduce the seizures but as I said I'm not capable to make new brain tissue. On the other hand, longer the client stays connected into my healing system more chances are, that the brain will be regenerated. I have clients with brain injury, who are connected into my system for more then 5 years and they are very happy about that, because they are seizures free or have less of them and are on minimum medication.

5. Epilepsy connected with mental disorders like Down's syndrome, mental delays, development delays and retardation. In general I'm able to stop or help with seizures. Mental disorders and delays can be helped in many cases too, but it all depends on many factors. Mental disorders will start to improve within the trial in many cases, because I have been healing whole organism at once. This is very important with infants and young children. The sooner I start the healing for them, the better chance they have that the delays and retardations will be helped. Unfortunately I can never make any promises regarding mental delays and never know how much I can help in each case. Parents are usually happy for any type of improvement with their child regarding the mental problem or delay. I would say seizures are healable and development delays may be. Should I be able to help with mental delays, then the first positive changes will usually show up within the trial.

6. Day and night epilepsy. Person is getting seizures at the day time, or it suddenly started and nobody knows where it is coming from, there is nothing wrong with the body, no medication is working and nobody knows what to do about it. Or seizures occur on a regular basis for a very long time and are occurring within the day and evening hours. Many of you are coming to me with a description like this. Below this text is the reason for your epilepsy from my point of view. This type of epilepsy is also healable by my healing system.

7. Infantile spasms (West Syndrome). This type of epilepsy makes me very happy to heal. Heavy medication is usually used in all these cases. Mental and motor skills delays are very common. I'm capable to help in many cases with all the aspects of this disorder. Remember sooner I will start the healing for your baby less damage will be done to her/his body and sooner the spasms can be healed. I have a history of helped children who were suffering up to 100 spasm a day. Based on my knowledge, this is in most cases wrong reaction of the pancreas which is usually healable at all my clients.


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My own knowledge about epilepsy

What I'm going to describe here is all based on oriental healing approaches studies and my own experience with a few hundred of epilepsy clients of mine. I reached a conclusion that Epilepsy and seizures are caused in most cases by some congenital imperfection of pancreas, which is connected with imperfection of the lungs or heart. Based on many years of experience and statistic and observation of genetic signs (hair, somatotype, etc). The signs of these organs connections are visible on every person. I can find out about these connections from the quality and color of the hair. My knowledge is based on my studies that each of us has one major organ that is in charge of our whole organism. These organs are heart, lungs, pancreas, liver and kidney. For most people with epilepsy the pancreas is the major organ with strong connection to the lungs or heart. Every organ is in charge of the organism in certain period of a day and most people suffering from epilepsy get the seizures in the time when the pancreas, lungs or heart are having their "time of the influence".

Based on this knowledge of mine I have arrived to the conclusion that epilepsy type 1,2,3 as described above are caused by some imperfection of the pancreas with connection to the lung.


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Pancreas-lung connection

Pancreas is in charge of our organism between 7.00a.m. till 11.00 a.m. and our lungs are in charge between 3.00 a.m. till 7.00 a.m. Most of the epilepsy seizures are occurring within this period of time.

Also pancreas has been connected with low blood pressure, diabetes, eczema, and mental and eating disorders like bulimia, anorexia etc.

Also some kind of lungs imperfection is causing low blood pressure. I came to conclusion that morning epilepsy is caused by low blood pressure. At this particular time the brain is not getting the right amount of blood and start to send the impulse for the seizure. (Non-pancreas patients are experiencing some symptoms before the seizure will occur ).

Epilepsy is connected with some repetitive psychic/mental activity (type 3) For example, before going to school, before meeting another person/boss etc. The seizures are occurring mostly in morning hours. (pancreas-psyche)

The heart-pancreas connection is a typical problem for daytime and evening seizures (type 7). This type of epilepsy is very often connected with some mental disorder. Both these organs are the weakest spots within the organism. The organs are not sick from medical point of view, but might not have the right quality what your organism needs.


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About medication

Almost all of you are on anti-seizure medication and some of you are using more than one medication to control your seizures. In same cases the seizures are fully controlled by drugs, in other cases you can do whatever changes you want and still the seizures are there. Medication is used to control the symptom (seizures) but not to heal the source of the problem in most cases. My system is focusing on the source of the problem and is healing the whole organism at once, that no matter where the problem is coming from, it will be healed or helped .In most cases the 3 organs mentioned above are the source of the epilepsy. Such imperfections of these organs are hardly detectable by any tests.


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More about medication and my healing system

Many of you come to me and want me to get you off the medication because you don't like the side effects of it, or are worried about the effects on the mental development of your children etc..

I don't make any decision about my client's medication at all. After I will be able to reach 100% of changes and can hold them there for 3 months, then I usually recommend to you to go to see the neurologist to get the tests done. Based on the positive result of the tests the neurologist will usually make the changes in medication automatically. If there is any tissue damage (EEG, MRI) on the brain then it has to be gone first, before you can consider any changes with your medication. This is all done on individual basis and it usually takes 2-3 years. Why is it taking so long? Anti-seizure medication is highly addictive and the body after many years of using it doesn't know how to live without it.

My basic healing cycle takes one year to complete but I usually need 2 years for most epilepsy cases. Everyone is welcome to try my 6 months non-obligatory trial with no need to pay any money up front. The first changes are usually visible within this trial period and in most cases the seizures are declining in frequency. After the first year of the healing the medical tests finding damage to the brain (if any) usually start to show recovery process. After the tests are done by your neurologist and the results are visible, then I think he/she will recommend the reduction or change in your medication automatically. As already mentioned, it is important that you discus any changes in medication with your doctor before you actually start reducing your prescribed doses. Your doctor is in charge of the medication. I am not allowed to tell you what to do with it.

I never ask my clients to discontinue any medications after they have started the healing with me. By taking the medication and using my healing influence together the positive results can be delivered much faster no matter what type of epilepsy the patient is suffering from.

In case that you were still not able to associate yourself with any type of epilepsy described above, then please feel free to send me a request and I will be more than happy to answer any question you might have. As I said above, even though you may not be able to find "your" type of epilepsy on my web page the healing success rate that I have with all above described types is the same for any other epilepsy not described here.


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Ivan Gellner's Extrasensory healing is based on divine principles and will never cause any harm to anyone who is going to try it. This healing method can only heal or help. We (Ivan and his support team) understand and fully appreciate the healing effectiveness, potential, and healing results of the extrasensory healing method as testified to us by countless individuals who were able to experience it. Nevertheless, due to regulations, restrictions and political pressures from the "modern" medicine providers, all natural remedy providers and healers are forced to post the following government disclosure statement: All information on this web site should be considered for educational purposes only. Consult your health care practitioner for all medication advices and treatments. This system is not intended to diagnose, or prevent from any disease. We do not make any recommendation and changes in your medication or any treatment.

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