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Epilepsy Testimonials

The following letters are from verified clients. For clarity I commented some of them with a short description of the cases. All names and countries are abbreviated or altered for privacy concerns. Please respect their contribution and privacy. I receive one written testimonial letter for every ten or so promised. In addition to this, hundreds more who have verbally testified to their recoveries, never consider sending a letter. If you decide to use my extrasensory healing method, please consider sending your personal story or testimonial when the time is appropriate. Your letters can help others to improve their lives. Thank You.

June 14 2011 (USA) epilepsy and delays, update after 2 weeks of the healing
Dear Ivan, I'm very glad that payment has been received by you. I would like to inform you about my first major observations: 27 May 2011: it was the first day of obvious improvement of Jena's health, including her mind. 01 June 2011: Jena's encephalogram was recorded once again. Her doctor said that he has not seen so good results for Jena's brain for all previous time. I would like to inform you that Jena has been currently treated in the hospital since the 13th May on the regular (one time for each year) base. Jena is in the hospital with her mother together. And Encephalogram results, which were received for the first days in the hospital were very bad. Two days ago Jena's doctor finally stopped changing medications and their doses. He told that it is necessary to observe Jena's health for the couple subsequent days. Unfortunately, I did not inform my wife (Jena's mother) about you, because she believes only Jena's doctor. Anyway I said her that one day I will tell her why Jena has good encephalogram now. So, Ivan, thank you for your healing very much. Warm regards, K.S.

2010-06-05, (USA), healing of epilepsy.
Dear Mr. Gellner, I am writing to update on my son Jack. The past month he has had some improvement. There were about ten days out of the month that he had NO seizures at all. This is the first time in three years that we have seen that many seizure free days! He has 1 or 2 seizures per day on the other days, which also is an improvement. I am so grateful that he is showing signs of healing. I continue to have faith that he will be seizure free soon! Thank you for helping my son Love, M.S.  

Jan 14, 2010 USA, update after 1 month of epilepsy healing.
Dear Ivan, This is the first month (on the 10th ) of the treatment for my wife Judi, to tell you the truth she feels great and only had a petit mal very short two weeks ago in the morning . She feels very energetic and up I think your treatment is helping . Thank you . Please let s keep going. May GOD bless you. G.

DEC 23rd,2009 UK, healing of epilepsy , update after 1 month.
Hi Ivan, My epileptic activity has reduced since I started your course of healing. So you may well have aided me, I am positive about this, but I am interested to hear from you what you have to say. Please write back soon as I am keen to hear your thoughts on my case. J.J.  

Oct.25 2009 (USA) healing of Lenox G. syndrome, end of 4 month trial.
Dear Mr. Gellner, My daughter condition has greatly improved. She no longer suffers from seizures constantly. It appears the combination of the medication she is taking and your healing process is working to control her seizures. She also appears to be more responsive. Please continue with progress. Everyone definitely sees an improvement. Also, can you please email me about your payment method. S.L.  

May 9, 2009 (USA), daughter with epilepsy and emotional issues. Update after 4 months of the healing.
Dear Ivan re: 5xxx Since the last time I emailed you, Paola has made good improvement, her seizures are not so severe as before and she is much calmer. She is also very emotional, this is something that is new as before, she hardly ever cried and kept everything inside and released it through anger and violence. On the whole I am very pleased with her progress. Please tell me the reading of her organism. L.K.  

December 26, 2008 (USA), 7th month of epilepsy healing
Dear Ivan, Things are progressing quite nicely. I did have quite a major one a couple of weeks ago but they are definitely getting further apart and less severe. Can I please have update on reading of organism. Thanks, S.L. # 50XX  

June 12, 2008, USA, 8th month of epilepsy healing.
Please note that I have made payment for the remaining balance for the healing year. Joan is doing well at the moment he is back in preschool and we hope to send him to summer camp. Seizure wise we have still not witnessed any events recently. We do however notice that he seems to stare a lot but without any body jerks and he does not seem to be affected by these episodes. We are suspicious that it may be a result of the medication. We would much appreciate it if you could focus in on this area, we have an appointment with his neurologist next month and plan to bring this up again also. Thank you so much for your help I still find it hard to believe how much he has improved in such a short space of time. With the help of God this will continue. 

January 13, 2008, (USA) ,5th month of epilepsy healing, age of the person 32 years.
Dear Ivan thank you! Rob use to have a seizure almost every day or every second day for sure it might have been small one or grand mall but something would happen, since Dec.24 up until now Jan 11 he had 5 seizures that we know of if he had any in his sleep we don't know, but I'm talking about the once that we saw. There is a difference in his seizures, he seems to come out of them faster now. He use to sleep for hour after a big seizure now he seems to come to life faster. I was so desperate that I put him on waiting list in the hospital for tests (he is still waiting there is a long wait almost a year) to see where exactly it is coming from and maybe even surgery. I am so scared of the surgery you don't even know I don't want to put him thru it. If your healing is going to help him I don't want the surgery I pray that it does. I will let you know of any changes and thanks again. Maybe with God will and your help it will all work out thanks and God Bless K.  

May 16, 2008, Norway,, second year of Epilepsy healing.
Dear Ivan. I have to tell you, that we are very happy about the results of my daughter?s EEG. Elena went to the hospital and EEG is clear,, completely clear. We could not believe that. There was not any deflection, they sad she is healthy. We cannot believe this is true. She was told to go to see the specialist and they will start to take her of the medication. I?m sorry for my English, we do not know how to thank you enough, this really means a lot to us. S. mother of Elena

Jan 08 2008 (Canada) healing of epilepsy
You are doing great healing on Jason, he is much improved from a year and a half ago. He still has a long way to go, but I am so grateful for where he is now. I want him to be able to be a fully functioning young adult (he is 14 yrs. old right now). Thank you. Jacob?s mom  

June 13th 2007 (UK), epilepsy healing, 8 days after the healing has been started.
Hi Ivan, Jack K. from U.K. here. Since I've contacted you though I have been feeling so much better. I don't know how you do what you do but if it works who cares! Yours sincerely Jack K. 

May 5th 2007 (AU), epilepsy healing of the child,,, a returning client of mine. There was one year of the healing done before but the healing was not finished.
Mr. Gellner, Thank you so much for agreeing to re-start the healing process for my son. I have filled out the enrollment form and have also paid the $60 - first month's payment and I hope you can start as soon as possible. When he was under your healing influence, he was not having as many seizures so I feel assured that you can help him again. Please let me know if you need additional information.  

AUG 17th 2006, (USA) 5 weeks of Epilepsy healing, 7 seizures a month prior I started the healing, young gentlemen 24 years old
Dear Ivan; You are currently working on healing my son Stephen 4XXX and it's working. I know it had only been 5 weeks. He hasn't had anymore seizures but I do understand we have a long way to go. Thank you very much. R.S.  

JUNE 5th 2006, 1.5 year of epilepsy healing, seizures every day before I started my healing influence.
Hi, I've been good. My son is doing better, he seems more alert. I don't know why but it seems like if he intakes sugar products, he either has a seizure or feel like he might have one. He has been trying to avoid deserts. His seizures have lessened so I will rate him 8. He still needs improvement with memory. Hope this helps and if you have any suggestions please let me know. Thanks, J.F.  

NOV 17th 2005,(India) epilepsy healing, end of 6 months non-obligatory trial.
Dear Mr.Gellner, Regarding your queries about my son, overall I would say there is some improvement in the last six months. If we leave out the travel related seizures the gaps between attacks is now between two and three weeks against week/ten days formerly. Also the severity seems to be slowly reducing with seizures now more for thirty seconds to fifty seconds, against a full minute formerly. We hope and pray that your intervention will rid him of this problem entirely. Regards Vinod  

Apr 24th 2006 (USA) grand mals every 2 weeks in clusters at the beginning of the healing. This is a 4th month update.
Hi Mr. Gellner, I am doing fine and thank you so much for following up on my son, Mark. Mark has been doing well so far. As for the seizures I am so happy to report that we have not seen any. I am hoping it is not manifesting itself differently and we are just not aware but based on what his seizures looked like in the past, I would say he has not had any recently. He has been doing a lot of meditation as well and this too may be helping him along with your healing influence. Thank you so very, very much. May God continue to bless you always! U.H.  

DEC 17th 2005 (UAE) 5th month of epilepsy healing, (west syndrome), 12 months old baby.
Dear Ivan, Thank you for your last feedback on Jenn?s healing development. I have some fantastic news that came to us in a strange way: Jenn went to hospital for pneumonia about 3 days ago, she has been and is still in XXX at a Neuro-Spinal Hospital. The pneumonia developed after only 1 and a half days of having a cold / cough. Anyway, her condition is now stable and she is looking strong again, hopefully she will be out in a few days. In amidst the worry and concern for her, her neurologist ran some tests and passed the results on to us yesterday?. Initially it was noticed that her liver functioning was much stronger. Her body is producing very high levels of new red blood cells! Secondly, her blood has improved as well Last night the neurologist phoned and told Kim and Sean that the EEG results were excellent! Almost no seizures, only tiny ones! Thank you so very much for your healing love and light. The power of healing has touched all of our lives and I just know Jenn will continue to surprise us. We were already planning on continuing the healing with you, but of course now with even further reason. The 6 month trial will be over at the end of Dec. Would it be alright with you if we paid half of the next fee () in the first week of January and the balance at the end of January ()? I know it?s not a lot of money for what you are doing, in fact your work is priceless. Please let me know any feedback and if this payment arrangement is alright with you. If not I will make a plan somehow. Thank you again.  

May 19th 2006 (Ireland) 4th month of healing. 3 seizures a day at the beginning of the healing.
Dear Ivan, Just over 2 weeks ago, my family and I went away for a weeks holiday. On the day of travel Jeremy had about 10 or 12 seizures which was very upsetting for us all. However the rest of the week was seizure free and in fact Jeremy went about 10 days ,we think, without having another. During the last few days he has had less than one seizure a day. These are truly positive signs that I thought you should be aware of. Kind Regards K.K. March 11, 2006, 3rd (USA) month of epilepsy healing. 6 years old child.The scale from 0-10 used where 10 is the best.
Hello Ivan and thank you. My son has been doing great for a few weeks now. When we started he was having seizures about every 3 weeks. So i would rate him at maybe a 3, and now he has not had one in 8 weeks so i guess it would be maybe 8. I would love to thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Of coarse I would hope to never see any seizures again and I would be interested in keeping his healing, Namiste Sonia

Feb 1st 2006, (USA) 6th month of the epilepsy healing and development problems of 6 years old girl.
Please do continue with the healing for Jessica. We think of you often and the work you do. Jessica is doing quite well. Her body temperature was very low about a week ago, and of course doctors cannot tell Laura and Jeff the actual cause. Jessica?s eyesight has improved, her neck seems stronger. Her seizures are minimal. She seems more agile and she seems happier in herself. I am sure she will continue to heal and improve. Thanking you for your patience and healing. Love, Nancy

JAN 27th 2006 (USA), 4th month of epilepsy healing. The scale from 0-10 used where 0 was at the beginning of the healing.
JAN 27th 2006 (USA), 4th month of epilepsy healing. The scale from 0-10 used where 0 was at the beginning of the healing. Ivan, I am sorry it took a while for my response. I am doing pretty well right now, I'd say probably a 6 or 7 on the scale from 1 to 10. I am having far fewer episodes and they are much more few and far between. Feel free to contact me as is necessary. Thanks again! G/H.

Jan 26th 2006 USA), 7th month of migraine, epilepsy and allergies healing., scale of 0-10 used to describe her problems. 0 was at the beginning of the healing.
Thank you Ivan, I am so very grateful for your healing. This is truly incredible. I am doing very well. Migraines - was 0 - now 8. Epilepsy - was 0 - now 10. Allergies - was 0 - now 7. Amazingly better overall. For some reason your mail came in my bulk folder???? Yes I will send the check for to you before the 28th of Jan. Thanks for the reminder. Much love, Lucy

JAN 25th 2006 (USA) 4th month of epilepsy healing. Seizures once a week. MRI finding at the beginning of the healing. Scale from 0-10 used where 0 was at the beginning of the healing.
I would say close to a 9 in feeling. But I have been asking myself and Nurse is that because of medicine change or am I getting better. My last seizure was about 2 weeks ago, it wasn't that bad I woke up and could not relax. So around 2-3PM I went to Emergency room. They didn't do much because main Doctors were out for holiday, I was curious so I requested an MRI to see if any healing went on. I asked my Doctor what results were there and he said, maybe 20-30% healing took place compared to previous MRI. (Change) The past week I feel better every day, only take meds because I have too. I have been feeling good, I know there has been a change but I don't give it the credit. I actually believe there is some healing going on. My Doctor talked down the MRI, I'll have another one done soon. Thanks for your help, K.J.

Jan 25th 2006 (Canada) first month of epilepsy healing.
Hi Ivan, I am doing well, as a matter of fact I got on this regime of honey, garlic and apple cider vinegar, and to my amazement I feel better! Now as for your healing, i normally have aura's early each morning, but since the beginning of January, i have not had any. could this really be, wow!!!! thanks a lot Ivan God Bless J.J

Jan 7th 2006, (Brazil), 2nd month of epilepsy healing.
Dear Ivan Gellner, Thank you for you letter. I trust you had a happy New Year. Initially, our daughter showed some signs of improvement. Then it was back to usual. We are currently seeing a massage therapist for her treatment and she is improving in terms of mood, tranquility and some new words. She is by no means out of the woods, and I would appreciate your continuing her on your distance healing program. I will keep in regular contact with you. Please forgive the lack of contact in the past. Peace and blessings, Father of VivianDEC 20th 2005, (Australia), epilepsy and diabetes healing, 2nd month of healing.
Dear Mr. Gellner, Thank you for your E mail. sorry I should have written to you yesterday. Jessica is much better, in fact the last fit she had was on the 19.10.2005 when you started the treatment. I would say her condition on the scale is 7-8. Her diabetes is till high, but lower than before, it was 22 and now 12-17. She is going to the hospital today for a check up. Thank you very much for you help, we really appreciate it. Regards

DEC 20th 2005 (USA), end of non-obligatory trial.
Good Morning, Mr. Gellner! Well, like I was saying in my prior e-mail (about 3-4 weeks ago), I still have episodes about 4 times a month. And they tend to be one week apart from each other . I really have nothing else to add to it. Of course, since the beginning of the trial, 6 months ago, the episodes are much much milder and I was able to get off the medication. What would you suggest, Mr. Gellner? or Rather what is your "gut" feeling telling you - shall I continue with you? Am I ever going to be free from the seizure-episodes? Thank you as always.

DEC 18th 2005 ( USA) 9th month of epilepsy healing.
Hi Ivan, I've been thinking about you lately. It seems the seizures have stopped for the time being. My doctor suggested that I try XXXX only at night because my seizures happen only in the early morning. I didn't take the XXXX, but tried something else that is similar. I take a small amount of YY about 1/2 hour before I get up in the morning. I also might take some at night. I'd probably rate my progress at an 8 overall and will probably rate it higher if no more seizures occur in the next few months. This is much better and only hope the progress continues to improve in time. Have a good new year and thanks again, H.G.

Dec 12th 2005 ( AU), second month of epilepsy and development delays healing. 2 years old girl.
Hi Ivan Today is 12 December 2005. This is her monthly Review - second month since the start of her healing. Overall we do have noticed that her seizures have changed and decreased. She does have fewer seizures - (20 to 15 seizures in a day before / 10 to15 now ) .The frequency of seizures have decreased. Previously she also used to fix her eyes sideways and stare for seconds but we notice this has also has being reduced to some extend during the last two weeks. We are delighted to tell you that she does has responded towards your healing treatment and we are hoping she gets better as we go along in this 3rd month of your healing. We have greatest hope in our baby?s recovery and we put our absolute trust in you Ivan that our baby will be healed. Thank you and we hope to hear from you soon.

Dec 11th 2005, (UK), 3rd month of the healing, Up to 100 seizures a day at the beginning of healing.
Dear Ivan Thank you for your email. Roman appears to be having a good spell at present. His seizure frequency has declined over the past few days. Please continue your healing process, and I will update you early January. I will check my emails next week again, if you have any further information. Many thanks

NOV 16th 2005 (UK) 2nd month of the healing, 5 years old girl with seizures activity and constipation problems and many more symptoms.
Ivan, its has been very difficult to give a big score for everything except for the large seizure and the constipation. When I made contact with you she was having one to six large seizures night. This has occurred before but this time I hope is for good. Has for the constipation she used to have one bowl movement a week and since you have been working on her she has been going two to three times a week, this was the first change I noticed almost within the first 10 days. Overall in general she seems more presents, I feel like I about to see her doing something really amazing (normal), I am just waiting for this to happen its a very strange feeling. I hope this has given you the information you require and please let us know if you would rather this format be changed in any way. We await your response and look forward to our little girls improvement. S.K.

NOV 16th 2005 (USA), epilepsy healing 4th month of the healing scale from 0-10 used to describe the problems where 0 was at the beginning of the healing.
Good Afternoon, Mr. Gellner! How nice to hear from you on this gorgeous fall day! You ask to evaluate my conditions now as compared to 6 months ago (the beginning of the healing). Well, I still have the seizures several times a month just like 6 months ago. The only difference is that their intensity is milder, less that is. On your scale, 0-10, I'd say I started with 0 and now it is 4.5. And is my digestion ever going to improve? It did not. I don't know what to say - am I going to be seizure-free by the end of the Healing Period? or my seizures are just going to get even more milder? Please reply, with your advice may be. I truly want to believe it is happening for me... Thank you, Mr. Gellner

NOV 6th 2005, ( Canada) 4th month of epilepsy healing. Seizures once a month or more before we started to work together. This is just first small improvement.
Good evening dear Ivan/Jan I hope you are OK and doing well. I am sending this E-mail to update you on the condition of my husband Jeff. I think, and I hope he is doing fine and much better now. His last seizures had happen on 01/10/05. Since that date he hadn't any. Please continue to work on my husband. If you have any reading from your site, please let us know. God bless you L.M.& K.M.

OCT 21st, 2005, USA, epilepsy healing. 2nd month of the healing. The client used to have 2 seizures a week before we started to work together. He is only getting one seizure a month.

Oct 14th 2005,( UK), epilepsy and development delays healing , 8 years old girl, this is just a quick update from her mother. It makes me always happy to make a child seizures free, because I know how devastating the situation is for the whole family and specially for the child.
Dear Ivan, Rebecca's seizures improving again over last couple of days. A much happier, calmer girl. Thanks for all your doing. Jane

Oct 11th 2005, (Australia) 9 month of healing the little girl stopped having seizures after 3 months of my healing influence. Very happy parents who are willing to share their experience in case you want to talk to somebody regarding my healing.
Dear Ivan, could you, please, let us know your readings? Emma, is doing well. She had no seizures recently or even anything remotely resembling a seizure. Kind Regards, A.A.

SEP 27th 2005, (USA) 8th month of the severe epilepsy healing child 12 years old
Before we started on your program: * Brett had between 1 to 3 grand mal seizures per month (usually long in duration - up to 20 minutes) and he had frequent absence-type and myoclonic seizures (jerks), usually a few throughout the day but not every day. NOW: * Brett has no more absence-type or myoclonic seizures but he has on average 3-4 grand mal seizures a week that are short (about 1 minute). So I would rate as follows: * for petit mal seizures (absence & myoclonic): 10 * for grand mal seizures (convulsions): 5 (they are more frequent than before but shorter). Dear Ivan, please continue your influence on my son, we're still hoping for more improvements and we pray God every day for his complete healing. Please send your most recent measurements/ reading for my son's organism. Best Regards, Stephanie (mother of Brett - client # XXXX)

Sep 26h 2005, UK 10 months of the epilepsy healing. At the start the seizures were 2x a months. No seizures since 3rd month of the healing.
Dear Ivan, we have received the result of Jessica?s overnight EEG. Our neurologist has told us that he was mostly looking for a specific waveform that indicates a sever deteriorating condition which, if it ever starts to appear in a lifetime of a child with epilepsy, usually starts at the age of 5. There were no signs of it. She did have epileptic activity in her brain during the night but we didn't expect that it will disappear so soon. We can not really compare it to previous recordings because this was her fist (and we hope last) overnight EEG. We will go to see the doctor in six months because he thinks that she is improving and there is no need for her to be treated or even closely monitored by neurologists. Overall, Jessica seems to be better. In afternoons, around 4pm, she has a period when she is slow and also talks slow, as if she has disturbing activity in her brain at that time. However, compared to her condition one year ago, this is a huge progress. Kind Regards, A.S.

SEP 6 2005 USA, 4th month of epilepsy healing
Dear Mr. Ivan, She still has seizures sometimes, but the level of awareness she has during the seizure has improved somehow(if I tell her to stop moving she does so, she can even repeat after me something if I ask her during the seizure, before we started these things were impossible),the confusion period after the seizure is shorter. It's definitely better than it was before we started, I have great hope things will continuously improve. Thank you very much for everything you did until now, please continue. Sincerely yours, Amelia

July 6, 2005 USA, 9 year old boy connected for epilepsy elimination. Healing of injury caused by seizure.
Dear Ivan, Thank you so much for your prompt influence on my son Richard. The following day after I emailed you, he was doing much better and was able to walk although I could tell his right foot/ankle was bothering him a little bit. It seems like everything is back to normal now, he has no more pain, and he is able to work normally. Again, from the bottom of my heart, thank you for everything you do. Sincerely, Eve

A post on epilepsy forum by one of my client from NY, USA? July 2005 after the bad comments regarding Ivan were post on this forum
Greetings to all! I would like to share with all the distinguished members of this community the ray of light in my life: my son Jonathan, who used to have hundreds of seizures every day since 6 months old, does not have a single one since March 2005! After unsuccessful rounds of different anti-epileptic drugs offered by allopathic medicine, I searched other medical systems of the world for help. I have contacted a lot of so called healers during my search, but none was able to state with confidence that they can help to control seizures. Sure enough, they found excuses for not taking my son's case. Thanks to the last year discussion with many healers, and others, my attention was directed to the rather unusual possibility of recovering from epilepsy. Ivan Gellner, healer from the other side of the globe, made an unbelievable statement that he can not only help to control seizures to the great extent, but actually cure epilepsy - without ever touching or seeing the ill person. People condemned and ridiculed Mr. Gellner for his effort to ease people's suffering. I can not even really blame them, because the concept of healing energy is still pretty much an alien one for the mainstream American culture. It just saddens me that people are so stuck in their believes and prejudices that they would rather continue to be ill than slightly modify their thinking patterns. There are so many illnesses in the worlds that to milk people for money a crook would probably avoid such one as epilepsy, where cure or failure would be so obvious. But Ivan Gellner plainly stated: yes, I can help plus he offered me a 6 months trial for free to try it for my son to see if it is going to work. I decided to give it a try, and, gosh, I am so glad I did! In addition to being seizure free, my son has his hearing restored too! He used to have a moderate conductive hearing loss and had to wear hearing aids. Now his hearing became perfectly normal, which put his audiologist in disbelieve. For her to get convinced we had to repeat hearing tests several times for several months to make sure my son's hearing, indeed, is normal. Well, let aliens readjust those who prefer aliens, but to those who want a relief from epilepsy I would strongly suggest to use this amassing and rare opportunity offered by a true healer Ivan Gellner. God bless. P. D.

Nigeria/UK epilepsy healing, 7th month?. July 25th 2005
Dear Ivan Greetings and thank you for the good work. I wanted to let you know what is happening to Patient 3XXX. Last week from Sunday, he had bad flue and was not feeling too good. He also developed malaria, a kind of fever that weakens the body very much and dehydrates it, with a lot of headache and body weakness. So when he was sick with malaria and flue, this is what he felt. He told me that he felt at one time, that he was going to have an epileptic fit. His heart usually beats very fast and he senses he is going to have an attack. When he got this feeling, he wanted to get his medication and take it. He usually takes two valium tablets of 100mgs each. He then rests and then gets back to normal. This time when he got the feeling, he went to get his tablets, because he could feel his heart racing. He then felt that he was alright, and the heart stopped racing. When he felt that he was alright, he did not see the need to take the two tablets, because they usually make him weak and sleepy. He therefore did not take the tablets and he felt fine. He told me that he actually did not understand how that happened. I just told him that we have to continue to pray for healing. He was happy with that. So this is therefore to ask for his reading this month. Best regards Jane

(USA) an update after only 3 months of the healing. July 26, 2005 multiple problems?scale from 0-10 used to describe the problems.
Dear Ivan, Since you began helping our granddaughter, she has improved significantly. She was having seizures so frequently that she was twice put in a drug induced coma to help. I guess you would say her seizures were a 0. At this point she is on 3 medications, but has not had any known seizure activity for 10 days. She had mild seizures from the end of May until the end of June. Since she is still on medications and seems to have mild seizures when her medication levels drop, I would say she is now an 8. Regarding her abdomen condition, she was ready for an operation to remove her colon. They no longer feel that is necessary, but haven't given her a complete bill of health. In that regard, she went from a 0 to a 9. She continues to have allergies to many items, including milk, so she is on soy products. She is just now starting solid food and has reacted to 1 of 3 solids introduced. If there is anything you can do in this area, we would be very grateful. In general, we believe that she is well on her way to complete health and feel that you have definitely helped. She has also been on numerous prayer chains and had 1 healing prayer service. If there is a special form to use, I was not able to find it. Please let me know and I'll do this again. Please inform me what you get from your 'readings' of her. I totally believe that this little girl is going to be fine. Your input will help us. I would like to thank you for your help and want for you to continue your service. Please let me know what to do from this point on. Jeane Ewald

(Australia), July 26, 2005,, epilepsy healing 4th month of the healing ( 3 month trial option)
I still haven't had any grand mal seizures. I noticed how my anger level has risen. I normally don't get angry at things, but I have in the past. This can be a good sign because I think it indicates higher mental stamina, which I was having trouble with before. If I had become upset, it might have triggered a relapse. I seemed to have been more vulnerable to seizures during the full moon anyway. There is increased strength in this area as I've had no signs of any relapse. I'm still bothered by what seems to be small absence seizures, although I'm not entirely sure that it's not due to mental or physical fatigue or stress. I'd rate my current level between 6-7. It seems more stable than last time. Thanks again, Jeff

AUG 8th 2005 ( Australia) 3rd month of the healing, Epilepsy and cerebral palsy
Dear Ivan My daughter seems to be improving we have not had a seizure in many weeks now. her condition on the scale you asked for I would say has improved from 0 to a now score of 5. Her cerebral palsy seems to be improving also as her coordination is improving beyond measure and in this area of her condition I would say the overall improvement has reached a 6. Thank you, Jill

AUG 10th 2005 ( Italy), 4th month of the healing, epilepsy, asthma
It definitely has improved. I have not had to be admitted to a Hospital except in May. My doctor wanted to see with EEG telemetry why my seizures were numerous and very short in duration. He lowered me on medication and instead of suggesting more surgery. He felt I was doing better .I am calmer and more alert. I would say I was at a 5! I would shoot it higher but I still get them daily. NO ER's for asthma and seizures is a great improvement. My asthma is much better, too. I am reading more which was hard for me and concentration and sleepiness is less. I completely forgot about this but I feel I need less attention to the seizures and asthma and I know other people it would help. Working mentally and prayerfully has helped me the most. The doctor had told me to try meditation, otherwise he would suggest surgery. I feel meditation has helped me the most. Less medication, lower blood pressure has occurred. I can walk on the treadmill daily w/o seizures. This is progress! Thank you, Paulo Zanzi

AUG 21st 2005 ( Saudi Arabia) Seizures, and motor skills, delays, 5th month of the healing. Scale 0-10 used
Michael: Speech 2/10 Muscle coordination 5/10 Seizures 8/10 Thanks Pauline

AUG 25th 2005 (USA) 4th month of the healing, epilepsy and asthma
Mr. Gellner, My seizures are shorter and my asthma is gone. I have been reading the 23rd Psalm continuously and I stand taller in body and soul. I am not leaning on people as much and leaning on reading and resting enough at night. It has made a world of difference. Leaning on God more and others less has mentally made me feel better and physically better. Susan

Aug 25th 2005 (Canada) 1st month of the epilepsy healing ( 2seizures a month before we started to work together)
Hi, I am Jessica writing on behalf of subject with registration number XXXX. According to you, the treatment commenced on 21th July 2005, so this is just to keep you informed about the situation. No seizure has been observed for now, but the usual lethargy continues. I will endeavor to communicate you monthly. Regards, Jessica

AUG 26th 2005, (South Africa), 4th month of epilepsy healing, ( 2 seizures a day at the beginning of the healing) 2 years old
Dear Ivan, Our granddaughter, Jane has not seemingly had a seizure now for about 1 month!!! She continues to react to food and formula and is now on a formula designed for sensitive babies. She also seems to be having some reflux of the stomach and has been extremely constipated. We are just so excited that the seizures appear to be in control. She is still on 2 seizure medicines. I know this is the time when you update her status. Your information will be helpful. Thanks for everything. J.P.

Child, aged 9, epileptic plus attention deficit disorder:
Dear Ivan, Sorry I haven?t written for so long but I didn?t want you to think I was being too pushy. Now, let me say that there has definitely been a visible improvement. He has gone for 6, 7 and 10 days without having a seizure. It is a slow process, obviously, but whatever you are doing please keep doing it. He is nothing like he was when I wrote the first time. Have you found the organism that is causing this? What do you mean by the values of his organism? Can?t wait to hear from you again. Thanking you so much Melissa 3513