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Celiac Disorder/Gluten Intolerance - Can you help?

My success rate with children patients is around 90% and around 70% in adults. I have been very successful with this treatment and have over 14 years of experience. If your pancreas is not physically damaged (undeveloped, abnormal shape, etc.) then I should be able to help. It is much easier to help children because their organs are still developing. Once I manage to optimize the organism, then chances are that the child will grow without this disorder.

Ultimately, I cannot tell in advance whether I will be successful or not. I was able to heal cases that I never thought I'd be able to help at all. It is also true that I have had clients I was not able to help. The success depends on many factors. Someone can show very strong symptoms but the internal damage is not that bad at all. That is why I'll have to try for about six months and then do the summary of your progress. I offer a non-obligatory trial for this so you do not pay for something that does not work in your particular case.

This condition is typically caused by some sort of pancreas malfunction/disorder and the patient would be born with the condition. Unless there are other factors contributing to the condition, the patient should be able to introduce (carefully) the new - "normal" - diet after about 6 months. I will have to provide same guidance though as the body will have to learn to cope with the new food. We may start with just a single spoon of milk or a single "bite" of bread. It would then take another 5 or 6 months for the body to adapt to the new diet and, again, it happens quicker in children. The treatment is a bit more difficult for people with black hair (and especially straight dark black hair). In these cases I may have to improve patient's heart functions first (the heart may have negative influence on patient's pancreas) and this would obviously pro-long the treatment. Once we stabilize the heart, we'd continue as already described.

In any case, after 3 months from the beginning of the treatment I shall start to monitor your progress using my diagnostic methods and criteria. I will then get back to you once a month to keep you posted on the progress. At the end of the fifth month I will advise you whether you make sufficient progress and your condition is improving. You are welcome to have any tests done right at the start of my healing and then at the end of the fifth month. You could then see if you are progressing well - your doctor would tell you according to the test results. The results from the doctor are not necessary for my healing though.

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Can you treat Epilepsy?

Generally speaking, yes, practically every epilepsy case can be helped. If I cannot cure the patient completely, then I can significantly improve his/her condition. I am not allowed to make any miraculous "cure claim", but I shall state, that in 8 out of 10 cases my patients confirmed that their situation has significantly improved.

The actual success (or the "depth" of recovery) really depends on individual patient's situation. There can be many pre-existing conditions that cause epilepsy-like seizures and some of them are easier to heal than others. The most difficult to heal are the cases where there is a damage to the brain tissue. Under my influence, all the symptoms contributing to the epilepsy are targeted at once. Once again, I shall mention, that if the patient is a child, then the chances for the recovery are pretty high - I've had several children in my healing program where I was able to fix physical changes to the brain (and thus a surgery was not necessary). I did this initially in a cooperation with a doctor and the results were verified by the physician. This is because the young brain is still developing and so as I stop the epilepsy progressing, the brain regenerates successfully.

If you were diagnosed with epilepsy or you think you may have epilepsy-like symptoms then I would like to hear from you. I offer a non-obligatory trial so that you can see if I can help you too. After about 4-6 months you should be able to see some improvement in your condition. If - after the 4-6-month period - you'd find your condition the same (i.e. not improving) but - using my diagnostic criteria - I would diagnose you as a person I could help (i.e. improve your condition), then I may throw in a few more months of the non-obligatory trial for you to see. I reserve the right to do this at my discretion on a case by case basis.

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Can you eliminate Drug Addiction?

I have been very successful with any addiction treatment so far. Except smoking, I can eliminate almost any addiction. Under my influence my patients loose the desire to pursue their habit. First results are visible within 5-6 months. It all depends on how long has the patient been addicted. Also, it works best if the treatment is ordered by someone else so that the patient does not know about it. It does not mean that a drug addict cannot apply for himself - not at all. It's just that the treatment is more likely to succeed if the patient does not know about it.

Addiction is essentially an illness. Once the body is used to a certain level of chemicals it tries to adapt itself to this level and tries to function with the chemicals as the part of the body chemistry. This creates a physical dependence/addiction on the drug. The body then "craves" for the chemicals.

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Can you heal Glaucoma?

I can stabilize the glaucoma progressing or even reverse it in some cases, but I cannot promise I can actually improve/return your vision. Just stopping the glaucoma does not necessary mean that your vision will be corrected as if you've never had glaucoma. Remember, that glaucoma can be measured (your optometrist will advise you on this) and you should act early, because if left untreated it leads to blindness.

I have had patients that thought that if I can stop the glaucoma, they should actually see better too. This, however, cannot be considered to be the same thing. Glaucoma can have a severe impact on the tissue of your eye and so can cause a permanent damage eventually leading to blindness. So, even if I am able to stop the glaucoma you may not have your vision returned to its original state because I may not be able to repair the damaged cells. You have to think of this as of two issues. One being the glaucoma (and everything that caused it) and the other the degree of the damage to your eyes caused by the glaucoma. At this stage I can help only with the first problem: I can try to stop the glaucoma and the cause of it.

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What if I'm not happy with the progress of the treatment?

That is why I offer the non-obligatory trial. I do this so you can see for yourself how I can improve your health. Should you - after the 4 month period - find your condition the same (i.e. not improving) but using my diagnostic criteria I would diagnose you as a person I could help (i.e. improve your condition), then I may throw in a few more months of the non-obligatory trial (I reserve the right to do this on a case-by-case basis). If you decide to accept these extra months, they will be offered to you under the same conditions as mentioned in the non-obligatory trial.

Remember, that during the trial you can discontinue the treatment anytime. Just email me (gellner(at)healer-cz(dot)com) and you won't be asked to pay anything at all. For more details please read the Conditions page and the explanation of the non-obligatory trial.

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Have you documented your work?

Everything I had experienced during the initial period of my development that led to my current opinions and abilities is described in my three-volume writings titles "Step by Step, Using Mystical Philosophy" (Vodnáø/Aquarius Publishers, http://www.volny.cz/naklvodnar/). It is available only in Czech language at this stage.

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Why to pay for the healing?

First of all, by choosing the paid service you choose to undergo a complete healing cycle (1 or 2 years) and so the changes in your well-being are becoming more and more permanent. My services are paid yearly. You may see the first benefits after 6 months and they become remarkable after approximately 1 year. By the end of the second year the changes in your well-being can be considered permanent.
By choosing to pay for my healing you will also give a chance to the others who may be in need of my help. Currently I work as a professional healer and my practice is also the only means of my income. In order to sustain the expected level of productivity I have to concentrate on the healing full time. If I was forced to stop the healing activities I would not be able to help you nor anyone else.
In other words, I have to pay my bills as you do. My assistant, translators, advertising all this has to be paid. I thought about the price a lot and at the end made it as low as possible that everybody can afford it.