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* Essential facts
1. Health Problems
2. Process of Healing
3. Healing Cycle
4. Success Rate
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Essential Facts

Health Problems

Having health problems means that there is something wrong in every point of a concrete body. Because the body does not work according to its "ideal pattern", the patient suffers some sort of illness. I refer to our state of health as the current state of the "system".

Often, the visible symptom the patient is aware of is a consequence of the problem that is not visible to a human eye. In order to heal (not just suppress the symptoms) we need to get our bodies to work according to their ideal patterns.

This "system" I often speak of is in fact greater than my knowledge and stronger than any human power. Over the years I have learned that my attempts at intervening into the course of the processes that take place in patients' body (e.g.: by determining the order of problems to be remedied) would only hold up the process of healing.

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Process of Healing

During the process of healing I attempt to "switch" my patients to the ideal pattern so their bodies function according the best pattern they can. As I switch the patient to the ideal system I need to hold him/her there for some time so that all the causes of the health problems are resolved.

The process of healing is gradual and it may take months rather than weeks to completely heal, or at least meaningfully cure the patient. It is individual and cannot be easily predicted. As you will learn in "My Approach", this is because I do not mask or suppress the visible sign of patient's problem - I actually fix my patient's entire system so that the cause of the problem is eliminated.

That is why I recommend my patients undergo a certain minimal period of healing - a healing cycle.

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Healing Cycle

The minimal period of the healing process is one year. This is the minimal meaningful time I should be working with the patient. Yes, some health problems can be fixed within a few weeks, but the effect of such "quick fix" may only be temporary.

I recommend that the patient would undergo the full healing cycle, which lasts for two years. This is because by the end of the full cycle the changes made by me are usually sufficient to rebuild the body, or at least meaningfully restore it. This cycle does improve or heal body depend on condition. Some people need 2-5 years for complete healing some will never achieve complete healing, but their condition will improve or slowed down farther damage. Dropping out of the healing process early may still provide positive results, however, the effect of my influence could slowly diminish and over time the health of the patient may return to its original state. Should the patient decide to continue after a pro-longed break I may have to start again from the beginning. This is the way the "system" works and I cannot do anything about it.

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Success Rate

The rate of my success is fluctuating around the 80% mark. It varies, depending on the patient's current state of health and the illness we have to deal with. Speaking statistics, I can help in 8 out of 10 cases and and improve the life of the patient significantly or completely heal him/her.

NOTE: When treating a drug addiction, I recommend that the patient does NOT know about my influence on him/her. If you are a relative or friend of a person suffering from drug addiction, please contact me discretely so that the patient would not know about it. That does not mean that a person with an addiction problem cannot apply for my services. Not at all. However, the treatment is more likely to be successful if they don't know about it. Very often, the person with the addiction problem feels that once being enrolled in some sort of treatment he/she can now push it to the limit and they harm themselves on the way. I cannot help someone who is causing damage to himself/herself at a faster pace than I can restore. That is why a "quiet" enrollment is more likely to succeed.

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My Capabilities

How can I help you?

I am able to eliminate most of health problems, even without my patient's cooperation. I have a history of hundreds of healed people around the world who are now enjoying healthy life again. What makes my approach different is that I do not mask or suppress the visible sign of patient's problem - I actually fix my patient's entire system so that the cause of the problem is eliminated.

I can help with almost any health problem: illnesses, skin disorders, tumors, drug addictions (except smoking), mental health problems, gambling etc. To mention just a few: eczemas, anorexia, asthma, nervous breakdowns, drug addictions, alcoholism, these all I have had on my patients' list. And the list does not end there. I am also able to heal animals.

One of very popular services I provide is preparation for a surgery/theatre operations and post-surgery healing. In these cases I can eliminate the risk of infection and help with faster and more complete recovery after the surgery.

If you or your loved ones have any health problems and are unsure if I could help you, email me on gellner@healer-cz.com . Describe your condition as good as you can and I will get back to you.

NOTE: When treating a drug addiction, I recommend that the patient does NOT know about my influence on him/her. If you are a relative or friend of a person suffering from drug addiction, please contact me discretely so that the patient would not know about it. That does not mean that a person with addiction problem cannot ask for my help. Not at all. However, the treatment is more likely to be successful if they don't know about it. Very often, the person with the addiction problem feels that once being enrolled in some sort of treatment he/she can now push it to the limit and they harm themselves on the way. I cannot help someone who is causing damage to himself/herself at a faster pace than I can restore. That is why a "quiet" enrolment is more likely to succeed.


Speaking statistics, practically all common health problems can be halted or reverted - that includes some malignant tumors. Restoration of damaged tissue is a very slow process though. It is a fact, that I am at this time unable to restore a devastated tissue. That is not to say it is impossible, it is only that I have not "grown" to that level of skills to date.

A separate chapter of its own right is about cases involving various types of cancer. I find this illness so mysterious that I hesitate to state to have ever cured it. Yet, it is a fact that I participated in curing dozens of patients. Since I provide my treatment as an alternative supplementation, or complementation to the so called "modern" medicine, I do not insist that all of the accomplishments should go to my credit. I do not restrict patients to seek other forms of cure, because I do not know how I would react myself in their situation. I tell everybody to do what he/she considers right, so that he/she would not regret to have done something else. In cases involving seriously ill patients, I think personal comfort is a most important factor. As I have stated earlier, it is not a problem to stop cancer from progressing, but to repair the damaged tissue. If someone has extensive metastases or major deterioration of tissue, stopping the process will not help him much. Therefore, in the case of patients who cannot be helped, I always try to help them live out the rest of their days in a relative comfort. I may not always succeed, but I always try until the very end. Paradoxically, sometimes the patient would not die from the cancer. Once I was healing someone who was positively diagnosed with cancer of the pancreas. After about 4 months the man died in a hospital. Subsequent autopsy revealed that he died of embolia - no tumour was found.

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My Approach


I am well aware of the fact that my approach is controversial. There were times when I was asking myself whether it was all worth it - all the complications that my abilities brought into my life. Yet looking back, I can say that I am a very lucky person. I consider myself being on a mission to help as many as I possibly can.

The so-called "modern medicine" is at the end of its capabilities in many ways. In most cases it can treat only the visible symptoms. Human body is complex and one visible symptom can be caused by an unlimited bundle of problems we cannot see. Focusing the treatment only on the visible symptoms while not paying the attention to the whole "system" means that you may never get healthy. You remove one symptom and the next one appears. Perhaps even more severe as the previous one. If you continue treating only the symptoms then the damage to the organism becomes more and more permanent. My healing system is treating and healing the source of your problem. As soon as the source of the problem is adjusted your symptoms that brought you to me will diminish.

Since Spring 1999, as a result of the experience gathered over the years, I have conducted my healing practices primarily through deep meditations. I can say that I meditate over six hours every day. In my understanding, a meditation is a state of absolute peace, not a state of mind full of ideas about something.

In this introduction I would like to highlight the fact that it is thanks to my alternative approach to healing and so-called spiritual science that I have acquired the ability to envision (not literally, of course) anyone, anytime, anywhere. All this and without person's actual cooperation and without his/hers knowledge and even without my knowledge of his/hers problems. In other words, a person does not have to know about me and I do not have to know about him.

No need for diagnosis

As mentioned above, I do not have to know about my patient's problems nor I need a photograph of him/her or any other form of contact - it suffices to write to me, for example, that the person is the aunt of the niece of the grandmother of the uncle of the lady who called me, say on June 23 1999. All I have to do is "accept this person as my patient" at someone's request.

Let me now elaborate a little on the contents of the preceding paragraph. None of what I am going to say is generally applicable, because I consider nothing generally applicable in the extra-sensual area. I only present my opinions here, as they help me do what I do. Therefore, if I say that I do not need to know any diagnosis, I am not saying that nobody needs a diagnosis, because there are methods of treatment (e.g., herbs), which cannot work without a diagnosis or knowledge of one's subjective problems. At the same time I should say, that I am not a great fan of the Karma theory, which is not to say that I do or do not believe in its existence. I am only stating that I do not need to believe in it (Karma, too, is a part of Space, i.e., the Bubble Sphere - because certain groups of people need it. This is a faithful explanation of certain occurrences but only from the standpoint of a single concrete philosophy.).

Another reason for my parting with diagnostics and searching for the cause is based on the aspect of morality. I do not find it correct to tell people something I do not know. Rather, I find it correct to get rid of the problem, even if I do not know much about it. Why should I tell the patients that his shoulder hurts because he has developed lung cancer or is about to have a heart attack? Due to complexities of our own system I cannot be 100% sure of that and it would not help me to heal the patient! If I remove the source of the pain, the pain in the shoulder will subside. I do not find it necessary at all to put the patient under stress by telling him about the condition of his organism.

My "Unconventional" Approach

My personal approach is not to explain anything but trying to heal.

I began to search for the most universal method of exerting influence on patients. In line with my belief that "every concept closes the door to something that might happen without it", I was searching for a way to erase all existing concepts in my mind, so that I could start up an effective and absolutely universal healing process. Having given up on all concepts about what and how things function, I realized that it is very likely that most essential processes take place in a state of absolute peace of the mind, as all events take place primarily when we do not have the opportunity to exert our will on them. As one Chinese saying states: "A wise man is active in his passivity ".

Having freed myself from the need constantly to explain something, I began to take things as they come. After all, a bird flies because it can fly. There are dozens of theories as to why and how, but nobody has created a perfect copy of a bird that could fly. Hence, if things happen, it is because they should happen, and if left in absolute peace, they do happen as they should. This approach to problems enables me to exert my healing powers onto anyone, anywhere in Space, without knowing anything about that person - except that he exists. I simply accept him as a patient by entering some data on him and my influence can begin. As already mentioned, I do not even need his photograph or the like.

In this context, I would like to emphasize that even though I can have an effect on patient well-being without his knowledge I never interfere with the patient's will, not even if the patient has asked me to do so (e.g., a smoker who wants to block out his habit) I also reject requests asking me to change somebody's behavior (e.g., parents wishing their child to behave as they like). On the contrary, I use this ability when a mentally disturbed patient, an aggressive individual endangers his environment due to his illness, or in cases involving anorexia, schizophrenia, etc. In such cases, the patient usually cannot ask for help himself, because he considers his condition normal and all the others are considered to be his/her enemies.

As to alcoholic or drug addicts, I do not exert my powers on their will, rather on their entire organism (if I succeed) so that they reach a state of complete inner equilibrium, where they no longer have the urge to pursue their addiction - I do not know why, but I have not as yet been able to do this for smokers.

It is understandable that I cannot set forth generally applicable conditions as to whom and when I can exert my powers on without his knowledge, as I decide about this in individual basis - it varies from case to case.

I exert influence on my patients for over 6 hours daily through meditation and an absolutely clear mind. (let me point out, in this context, that the principle of reaching absolute peace is not in deep breathing - on the contrary, because deep breathing is very active, it requires a deep exhalation at the beginning and then only very "short: breathing, almost like exhalation) The essential part is that I do this meditation for all of us. I say "for all of us", because I do meditation also for myself, of course, therefore I really meditate for all my patients concurrently. On purpose I no longer say that I "exert my powers on them", because it would not be true. I am completely passive in doing so and I do not "emit anything anywhere". Rather, I simply have the ability to make the bodily processes of my patients adjust to those in my own body (I prefer not to imagine how it works).

The fact is that it does work and the effects are evident. In other words, the people I have accepted as patients did get better, often significantly or completely - and this could be confirmed by laboratory tests.

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How it works?

A little digression

Let me take the liberty to take a little digression here. If you've read all of the explanations on previous pages, you may feel that there's so much more you would like to know about my healing method and how does it work. Therefore, in this section I will elaborate a bit more on the topic of health, patterns and my understanding of the way the things happen. These are my private opinions and I provide them for the open-minded people who want to know more about my background and my healing approach.

My approach in more detail

If we developed from the moment of our birth in time only (i.e., without other factors stepping into the process), our physical condition would be much better than it actually is at any given moment of our life. In other words, at any given moment of our life, our health condition is more deteriorated than it should be. The processes in our body are subject to a system that makes constant assessments of our condition under the given circumstances and ascertains whether our current condition corresponds to hitherto occurred developments (summary of factors). If it does, the system considers our condition adequate and does not allow our defense mechanism to be triggered, even if we consider ourselves ill (including cancerous ailments). However, there exists another system - outside our bodies - that ticks like a mathematical watch counting our "genetic disposition in time", thus creating a mathematical model of perfection for each one of us. It is the "ideal" model of our life-long development. Although I cannot explain how and why it is so, but my findings to date make me believe that I possess the ability to "switch" my patients to the "outer" system, whereupon their bodies begin to function according to the "ideal" pattern (remember that being "ill" simply means that there is suddenly something wrong with every point of our body when compared with the ideal picture).

There are two important points I would like to make:

* My effect on the patient is continuous; despite the fact, that I have no physical contact with the patient's body.
* I have the ability to envision (not literally, of course) the patient anywhere he/she is but I cannot tell when he/she dies.

Let me explain both of the above points simultaneously. Although I do not personally impact on the patient, my healing ability can bring on changes in his organism (I speak of "body" and "organism", but I mean "everything concerning the patient"). The only comparison coming to my mind is a water tank connected to a water distribution network, like every patient to me, so that water is always available, but I, being the water-tank manager, only have to make sure to keep enough water running in the system for every end user linked to the system. Obviously, due to a great number of users, I cannot "watch" every single one of them. Now, let's switch water to a universal kind of Fluidum and we now have the building material for the System.

Although the number of possible combinations of the Fluidum and the System is practically unlimited, the end effect is limited by my own gradually decreasing capacity. In other words - everything works only up to the limit of my possibilities, which I however keep increasing through constant training and meditation.

During the healing process I do not determine the order of the removal of the problems. It would not help the patient if I tried to intervene and only focused on a particular sign of the illness. Instead, I have to fix the whole system. I attempt to optimize all the body functions so that the organism functions according to its own ideal pattern. To understand this, imagine a large funnel filled with water (i.e. you and your health problems). At the beginning the surface of the water in the funnel is 100% (like 100% of the problem) and the narrowest point represents 0% (ideal but unattainable state of health). Due to "switching" the patient, the level of those problems starts going down slowly. Somewhere between the two points is the point of relative Zero - i.e., the condition you seek or the nearest possible point. I myself can take you to this point only. At this point, I am unable to replace missing tissue.

My comparison to water surface was intentional, because every single problem is an (unknown) part of (unknown) quantity of processes and only a general adjustment of that quantity can make the surface slowly to decline. That is why I do not focus on a particular symptom - I influence/tune the organism as a whole. If I tried to influence the order of changes, I would seriously upset the whole process of healing and I could have easily skip something important.

Of course, the closer one is to the point of relative zero, the slower the transformation process becomes because the process of healing reaches and affects the deepest causes of the problems. Once the point of relative zero is reached, it is essential to continue for several (at least three) months, in order to reach the point before (underneath) the beginning of the problems.

Making the healing happen

I "heal" my patients during deep meditation sessions. I have the ability to bring my patients' bodies to the point where my meditation has the same effect as if the patients meditated themselves. To put than in a very simple terms one could say that I meditate on their behalf.

During my meditations I can completely stop the flow of my thoughts. It is during these moments when the healing happens. I usually meditate four times a day and this is enough to affect the patients for up to 24 hours. For the whole 24 hours the processes in the patient's body run as if the patient meditated himself/herself.

Note, that I do not influence a particular patient directly. I do not know what my patient does nor I know how he/she looks like. I do the influence by "connecting" the patient to my own system and the organism of the patient then tunes itself to its ideal pattern. This way I can heal more than one person at a time and I do not even need to know the details of their problems. My approach is the same to all my patients no matter what health problem they have. Using the water analogy: I function like a water tank - or more like a water tank controller - I have people connected to my system and I have to make sure that there is enough "water" in the system. The patients then have the ideal "water supply".

Typically, after about two years of my influence on the patient, the health problems of the patient are brought to the point of relative Zero (as mentioned above). Beyond this point I can provide sort of a "maintenance" of the patient's system, i.e. preventive healing. The positive changes of the healing are typically several years lasting and may in fact become permanent (visit "My Capabilities" page for more details on the permanency of my healing method). If the health problems return soon, say within one year from the end of a treatment, it is usually due to some sock to the system, e.g. accident or exposure to abnormal stress.

Extrasensory Perception

Very nice explanation of my healing system, which a like very much: A lady asked Edison the magician of electricity : "Mr. Edison , what is electricity ?" And he answered : "Dear lady, electricity exist, just use it." I would say same thing. "Extrasensory healing exists and everyone is welcome to try and use it".

All of you have the capabilities similar as I do. They are just limited because you don't use them and they keep disappearing with time. These abilities are given to all of us when we get born but because we don't use them, they get weak and forgotten. Many people do not even know about them so they cannot even try to use them. It is like a muscle what we don't use. Or like a foreign language. You learn it in the school and because you don't use, after few years you can't recall a single word. I give you few examples of extrasensory perception that everyone is experiencing on daily basis. For example, you get the feeling that somebody is watching you from a distance behind your back, you turn around and catch somebody's eyes. How very true, isn't it? It has happened to most of us, yet do we give it a second thought? No, in most cases we just forget about it. Another example: the phone is ringing and you know who it is or you just thought about that person few minutes ago and here she/he is on the other end... That's called extrasensory perception. As you see we all have it.

Now imagine a person who can mastered skills similar to those described and is able to start things happening just with power of his mind... Yes, I am able to master the extrasensory perception and healing influence into a such level that I'm capable to engender healing processes within our bodies by power of my mind. Some of you might get scared, but you should not be! There is no need to be afraid at all; please read further...

My healing is based on divine principles and is respecting so called "Karma rules" in every aspect. That means, I'm not going to do anything intentionally bad to anyone in order not to receive any bad reaction in exchange. By enrolling into my system the client should try to obey the same rules. The fact is that my extrasensory healing influence does work and the effects are evident. In other words, the people I have accepted as patients did get better, often significantly or completely - and this could be confirmed by laboratory tests. The number of clients I'm able to heal at the same time is virtually unlimited. I am only limited by the time it takes me to reply to those interested in my methods, that is why I have created this web page.

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Reading runs in two segments. First segment (Accurancy) is measured from -10 to +10. It is preparation of body and aligning it to recognize that there is an issue. Just like preparation of fighter for big fight. Some people  achieve +10 in few months, some within a year, most of the time I am able to get body ready within 6 months.

Second segment (Actual shape) is measured from -10 to +10  and N. This segment is longer and reads numbers of actual fight of body with problem. More positive number means that body is taking over the issue. +6 is usually a breaking point where majority of health is stronger than problem. If body reaches +10 that is my maximum possible state of health for body to run all healing activities. If "N" shows in reading after achieving +10, I consider and issue healed and my influence is not necessary anymore. 

Based on my knowledge, everyone has a major organ which is influencing the quality of the whole organism. Heart, lungs, liver, pancreas, kidney are these organs. 

Through these readings you will be able to see where you are at the beginning of the healing, how you are getting better and where the source of your problem is. While doing my readings I can see if there are conditions for any improvement or not. The readings are done by automatic writing. Please be aware that all emails to me are translated by my assistant - English translator.

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