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Ivan's Story

My entry into the health science started on the conventional path of the contemporary - call it "modern" - medicine. Having completed my secondary vocational medical education, I continued my studies in the area of further technical education. It would be honest to say, that until December 1989 I was one of the people, who would not take any healing science, or the like, seriously. I used to be what is known as a skeptic.

Completely uninterested in so-called spiritual sciences and ridiculing everything related to psychotronics I felt good about being that way. However, in January 1990, I awakened - so to speak - and from then on I was capable of those things I had always considered ridiculous, such as describing a diagnosis from a distance. Let me empathize, that I was far from seeking such powers or abilities - on the contrary. They complicated my life considerably. They made my life so complicated that I would often ask myself whether it was all worth it. I would experience waves of excitement and subsequent depressions. The shock to my own "system" was indeed remarkable - in the course of the first two years I experienced seven time a state of partial immobility lasting up to three days. I could barely speak.

After about six months of diagnostic activities, I took up also healing activities. The following two years I was assisting a physician in his private practice. It was thanks to his "affidavit" on my behalf that in 1991 I was able to open my own office. There I began to conduct, for the first time officially, activities in healing and diagnostics. Next eight years I studied spiritual sciences and other philosophical subjects and concentrated intensively on diagnostics and healing. Since 1994 I am a professional healer.